Ambiance - Relaxed and energetic
Price - $$$

  • Charcuterie Board - Good Sh*t
    • Just get it, 100% worth the price. Evertyhing was fantastic, the blue cheese and honey was a bit strong for us, but I'm sure others can appreciate it
  • Bread - Good Sh*t
    • They give you bread with the board instead of crackers
    • This could have been a little app by itself, nice garlic taste

  • Braised Pork Shank - OK Sh*t
    • Honestly, there wasn't a ton of flavor - a bit disappointing
    • Cooked well, but just missing something

  • Mac&Cheese - OK Sh*t
    • Always have to try places mac, this was super basic and very little flavor

  • Chocolate/Coffee Mousse - Good Sh*t
    • This had a great flavor, light and small

  • What the Chef Drinks - Good Sh*t
    • Their old fashioned, good flavor
  • Western Sour? - Good Sh*t
    • I think this was the name, but it was delicious